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Simone Rizkallah

Catholic Speaker and Writer

I am a Catholic speaker and writer with a passion for helping people find a more meaningful existence. As a first generation American of Egyptian-Armenian descent, I consider myself a "cultural gypsy" – Western born and educated, but raised in an Eastern ethnic and cultural context. This combination has given me unique insight into the challenges and importance of finding one’s place of belonging in this world. In both speaking and writing, I draw from my experience and education to help people become more rooted: in their Faith, heritage, story, and calling.


Looking for an event speaker? I'd love to serve your community. You can watch videos of my past presentations by clicking below.


Looking for a writer? I'm your gal! You can explore my areas of expertise and past publications by clicking below.

"To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul."



My Story

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Thank you Simone, for sharing the profound richness and hidden gems of our Catholic Faith!


I love Simone’s take on the subjects she dissects. Not only is she very knowledgeable but her understanding and applying the spiritual principles to our day to day is very valuable.


Thank you so much for speaking truth and upholding the dignity and worth of womanhood and the beauty of God's created order for both sexes.
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"Could there be a better light for us, as nomadic beings, than the one that sets us free to go forward without fear, because we know that the light of eternal love stands at the end of the road?"


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