I'd love to come speak at your event, conference, church, or organization. Please visit the contact page here. For a short biography, click here.

In addition to teaching Catholic moral theology and Church history for 6 years, I also like to speak about spirituality, prayer, beauty, evangelization, the lives of the saints, religious freedom, culture, Christian persecution and anything theology related. If you'd like to view one of the talks below hosted by the Institute of Catholic Theology you can do so by visiting their web site here.

I write talks based on your topic needs, requests and preferences. 

Recent Speaking Engagements 

Keynote Speaker & Lumen Gentium Award for Excellence in Education and Letters

Boonton, NJ Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

November 6, 2021

"A Personal Vocation and the Feminine Genius"

Personal Vocation & The Christian Woman Retreat

Lincoln, NE Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House

October 16, 2021

"Man Alive" 

The Fiat Conference 

October 9, 2021

The Risk of Education: A Method for Life & Happiness and the Intellectual Life

Graduate Student Orientation 2021

Institute of Catholic Theology

August 14, 2021

Real Life Joseph Coaching 

On St. Joseph and the Flight to Egypt

Real Life Catholic

Begins June 17, 2021

Loving Women As Christ Loves The Church

TLI National WOMEN'S Session on the Feminine Genius

Tepeyac Leadership Institute

June 9, 2021


On The Christian Meaning of Suffering According to John Paul II

Instructor for a 6 week course 

Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation 

May 4-June 8, 2021

"Work of Our Hands" Breakout session emcee

YCP 2021Conference Promo

Young Catholic Professionals 

April 30-May 2, 2021

John Paul II & The Feminine Genius 

Beauty, Arts, and the Feminine Genius

Institute of Catholic Theology

April 17, 2021

St. Joseph and His Virtues

Heroic Virtue Summit: The Virtues of St. Joseph


March 27, 2021

Edith Stein & Cultivating the True, the Good, and the Beautiful 

The Caritas Conference: Equipping Women For the War on Femininity

March 19, 2021

The Risk of Education: Discovering Our Ultimate Destiny by Father Luigi Giussani Book Club Guest Speaker 

Seton Teaching Fellows

March 15, April 17, June 7, 2021 

The Prodigal Son: Lent Retreat 

The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light

Dartmouth, MA 

March 7, 2021

St. Agnes of Rome: The Witness of Early Christian Women

Legatus-Ventura Chapter

January 21, 2021 

Cultivating Leisure in Quarantine

FemCatholic: Rest & Resilience in 2021 Summit

January 16, 2021


Emmanuel: A Christmas Faire & Festival: "Hidden Saints for a Hidden God"

Smart Catholics Virtual Event

December 29-31, 2020 

"Venerable Jan Tyranowski & the Carmelite Charism of John Paul II: How the mysticism of Jan Tyranowski—John Paul II’s youth minister—shaped his Carmelite spirituality and gave us history’s most Marian pope"

The Avila Institute 

Helena, AL (via teleconference)

December 10, 2020

"Venerable Jan Tyranowski: John Paul II's Youth Minister"

The Institute of Catholic Theology 

Phoenix, AZ (via teleconference)

December 5, 2020

Called to be Holy Retreat: "The Universal Call to Holiness & Your Personal Vocation:What It Means to be a Christian" 

The Little Sisters of the Poor 

Denver, CO (via teleconference)

November 13, 2020

Modern Saints: Missions from God: "St. Edith Stein"

Smart Catholics Virtual Event

October 22-23, 2020 

Festival of Friendship 2020: "Four Saint Teresas: Boss Women Who Changed the World" Click here to view. (My talk on Edith Stein begins on Timestamp 39)

The Revolution of Tenderness 

Pittsburgh, PA 

October 1, 2020

"St. Edith Stein: A Model for Theology Students"

The Institute of Catholic Theology and Franciscan University of Steubenville

Phoenix, AZ (via teleconference)

August 15, 2020

"An Integrated Approach: How School Departments Can Build a Culture of Life Together" (click here to view)

National Catholic Education Association Conference 

Baltimore, MD (via teleconference)

April 7, 2020

"Community: Essential to Interior Formation"

Spiritual Life Conference 3

Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ (via teleconference)

March 21, 2020

"Avoiding the Sin of Gossip" 

2020 Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference, Phoenix, AZ 

February 22, 2020

"Introduction to Moral Theology," Retreat

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Phoenix, AZ

November 16, 2019


"The Primacy of Faith and Culture"

Endow & Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart Retreat House, Alhambra, CA

October 26, 2019

"What It Means to Be a Christian" by Joseph Ratzinger

Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

October 19, 2019

"Pope St. John Paul II: Human Dignity and Social Justice" 

Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

August 3, 2019


"A Priest is Not His Own" by Bishop Fulton Sheen 

Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

February 5, 12, 19, March 5, 12, 19, 2019 


"St. Jerome," Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ 

November 3, 2018

"Studying Theology and the Spiritual Life," Theological Formation Program for the Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

August 18, 2018


"Forming Authentic Community," University of Mary Summer Institute, Tempe, AZ

June 23, 2018

"St. Ambrose," Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ 

May 5,2018

"Beauty," St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Phoenix, AZ

April 22, 2018

Introduction to Prayer,” St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Phoenix, AZ

December 17, 2017

“St. Bernard of Clairvaux,” Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

November 4, 2017

“Christian Persecution in the Middle East,” St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Gilbert, AZ, Spring 2017

“Current Plight of Christians in the Middle East,” Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ February 15, 2017

“Persecution and the Middle East,” St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Phoenix, AZ October 2015

“A Christian’s Relationship with Wealth,” Meal and Message, Tempe, AZ

August 4, 2015

“Catholic Social Teaching, Charitable Works, and the Charisms,” Maggie’s Place, Phoenix, AZ

June 22, 2015

“The Cross and the Beatitudes,” Institute of Catholic Theology, Phoenix, AZ

March 15, 2015

“Theology Q&A,” Grand Canyon University Catholics, Phoenix, AZ

January 2015

“Addressing the Needs of the Youth,” Lion of Design Podcast, Chantilly, VA

August 8, 2014

“The New Evangelization,” Catholics United for Faith, Phoenix, AZ 

December 14, 2014

“The Charisms of the Holy Spirit,” Theology on Tap, Catholic Diocese of Arlington

February 25, 2013

"The Hook-up Culture," The Dennis Prager Radio Show, Dec. 4, 2003


Featured Alumna, “Graduate Alumna Brings Hope to Youth,” Instaurare of Christendom College, Front Royal, VA  July 29, 2014 

Featured Contributor, “Discussion: The Future of the Church in America,”

John Jay Institute,  October 4, 2016

Guest Blogger, "Another Sort of Feminism: 7 Risks of the Pill," 

uCatholic, October 25, 2018


Articles featured on ChurchPOP.


Guest writer, "Community in the Renewal of Catholic Education," Ethika Politika,

January 28, 2019

Featured Alumna, "Master's Degree from Christendom Helps Teachers Make a Difference," Instaurare of Christendom College,

Front Royal, VA  March 12, 2019 

Guest writer, "5 Tips for Good Friday, etc" Aleteia, April 18, 2019 

Guest writer, "Wonderful and Difficult Lessons Learned from Being a Child of Immigrants," Verily, July 2,2019

Interview, "Transforming How We Learn & Grow in the Faith,"St. Josemaria Institute, April 1, 2020

Guest writer, "Leisure in the Life of the Christian," (including A Litany of Leisure and Leisure: A Biblical Examination of Conscience) The Catechetical Review, April-June 2020

Guest writer, "A Personal Vocation,"The Catechetical Review, January-March 2021 Click here.

Guest writer, "Why we need the feminine genius," Angelus, January 14, 2021


Guest Contributor, Road Signs for Catholic Teens, Chapter entitled, “Stop Sign Sabbath."


Host of The Endow Podcast 


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