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What are the New Age practices forbidden by the Catholic Church?

The students asked me to come up with a list of actions which are considered objectively evil according to the teachings of the Catholic Church when it pertains to the New Age Movement. These violations would be under the first commandment. For a short and sweet explanation of why the Church forbids involvement in the New Age movement, consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraphs 2110-2122. If you're looking for something a little more in-depth, check out this document the Vatican put out: Jesus Christ The Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the "New Age" (Sanguine side-note tangent: Click here to watch a short video on the difference between ghosts and demons.

Is it wrong for Catholics to believe in the "Law of Attraction," or Positive Thinking?

A former student asked: Is it wrong for Catholics to believe in the law of attraction? Part of me sees that a lot of it has to do with self and being in control, but part of me believes that it’s really just positive thinking. The way I see it is that you’re just believing that nice things will come into your life- if you think positively, positive things will happen. Also, what if the things you wish to attract are for the good of others and not just yourself? This is how I answered her: It all seems harmless enough, right? What's wrong with thinking positively? Well, nothing. BUT there's an underlying philosophical difference behind the LOA (which is a New Age concept) that distinguishes i

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