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Another Sort of Feminism: 7 Risks of the Pill

I had promised a drink to one of my former students when he turned 21 years old. The time had come. Instead, he asked for an iced tea (he had drunk too much the night before) and a request: “Can you help me convince my girlfriend to get off the birth control Pill? I’m worried about the health risks.” I come from a family of various medical professionals (father and grandfather are both physicians) and a long line of very strong-willed women. Feminism is in my big fat Middle-Eastern blood. It probably wasn’t easy for my dermatologist to recommend the Pill only for me to spew out all the health risks and ask her why she would be recommending something that could be harmful to my health when I

Teaching modesty in the classroom

I used to dress immodestly. It’s not easy to admit but I have the pictures to prove it. My “modesty conversion” as I call it comes in handy when the subject is discussed in class as it was today. One of the things I like to do is have the boys take an anonymous survey on their thoughts on women’s dress and then read the responses to the entire class. Here’s one of the most recent. Keep in mind, this was written by a 17 year old: When women don’t dress modestly, it is hard to take them seriously and it feels awkward to be around because you know you are not supposed to look and it is really hard not to. When there is a girl that dresses immodestly I just want to get away from them, but it was

How do I work on patience, self-love, and devotion to my spouse?

Dear Simone: I wanted to know if there were any prayers that would help me work on patience, self-love, and devotion to my spouse? Maybe something that is like a 30 day challenge or things of that nature. Even just small tidbits of advice in how to grow in these virtues. Here's my email back: My friend Christina writes for The Evangelista and composed a Litany of Patience. In terms of self-love, I highly recommend this prayer that the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Spirit composed and gave to me. As well as this woman's prayer. My friend Meg created a 30 day spiritual boot camp kind of thing for Advent but you don't necessarily need to only do it during Advent.

Praying with a holy daring

I had St. Therese's picture up on my wall during graduate school. I thought she was pretty so that was a good enough reason for me. But I was pretty sure I didn't like her. Come to find out, A LOT of people feel that way about St. Therese until they actually encounter her. I had this intuition that she would help me. That's all. Just an intuition she would be of service to me in some way in the future. A few months later, my friends and I attended the New York Encounter (I think this was in January 2012) and I was in the midst of spiritual darkness and talking about it with a close friend. She advised me to pray with a HOLY DARING. Literally a minute later, we turn around and at the makeshif

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