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“When God Says No”: 10 Ways to Make Petitionary Prayers More Effective

The holiday season is an especially tempting time to liken God to Santa Claus. But God is not Santa Claus. Neither is he a system to be manipulated with just the right formula. God is personal, and prayer is about cultivating a relationship with Him. However, all relationships require some practical advice, including our relationship with God! Below are 10 tips for making prayers of petition more effective, inspired by Fr. John Hampsch’s booklet, When God Says No. Read on at ChurchPOP.

Are You a Teacher? Try This Litany of Fortitude Asking for Strength Through the School Day

Every teacher or person who knows a teacher understands that this profession is not for the faint of heart. Especially as teachers approach the end of the semester, “You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why…” Final exams will happen anyway. In support of all fellow teachers, I’ve written this Litany of Fortitude, inspired by The Evangelista’s Litany of Patience. Read on at ChurchPOP for the Litany of Fortitude.

How did you learn all this stuff?

Dear Student Who Asked Me This Question Today, This blog post is dedicated to you. I hope it's helpful to you and to previous or future students (God-willing) as well. 1. If I had read more books in my youth I would know more by now. There's still time for you. (Read great books.) 2. If I had gone to a better undergraduate university, I would know more by now. If I had majored in a timeless subject, I would know more by now. There's still a chance for you. (Let's talk! After school next week!) 3. Go to Catholic conferences, academic lectures, spiritual retreats and talks. Also you can also learn A LOT online. 4. Sign up for various trainings and internships. 5. GO TO STUDY PROGRAMS! Here are

Drive Demons Crazy: 6 Tips For Spiritually Protecting Your Home or Dorm Room

A friend of mine approached me about what to do regarding strange noises in his summer dorm room. He was hesitant (and probably a bit skeptical, as a recent convert) to attribute this oddity to demons. He was not able to have a priest bless the space. His room was in a house he didn’t own and he would only live there temporarily. I made several suggestions as to what he could do, which made everything cease immediately. Read on at Church POP.

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