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Community in the Renewal of Catholic Education

My priest-boss often says, “a school is only as Catholic as its faculty.” Rare as it is, our school is Catholic because our staff, administration, and teachers are Catholic. We even drink “Biblical beverages” at our lunch meetings--just to seal the deal on the Catholicity. Click here to read more at Ethika Politika.

Does Your Family Need Healing? Try These Powerful Prayers for Peace, Healing & Harmony

The holiday season is a great reminder for many of us that the promise of peace from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, has yet to be fulfilled in many of our families. The Holy Family had circumstances beyond their control–namely, the attempted murder of the Christ Child–that could have disrupted their peace as family unit. While we can’t always control the external forces working against us, we can pray for forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing from the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds that keep us in bondage and distant from one another. The Feast of the Holy Family is an excellent day to pray for peace in your family. And if you can pray together as a family, healing prayers

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