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The Challenges of Articulating Human Dignity to Teens

Question: In light of the most recent legislations concerning the unborn and infanticide, what materials, books, resources would you recommend for use in forming teens? Looking for the best that there is currently. Thank you. Answer: The formation of the youth is an urgent need. Parents, teachers, and other formators need as much support as possible. Abortion is such a widespread problem not only for those who have lost their lives but also for the men and women who are affected by it. Therefore, along with an education is needed a formation of the human person on how to provide friendship and counseling for those involved. The USCCB, in addition to a wealth of resources, also has a nice doc

5 Tips for celebrating Good Friday Egyptian style

In his encyclical Ut Unum Sint, Pope St. John Paul II wrote that “the Church must breathe with her two lungs!” Since I was raised by Egyptian Eastern-Rite parents and educated in Latin-Rite schools and therefore enjoy the richness of both Eastern and Western traditions, I couldn’t agree more with the late Holy Father. (For those who don’t already know, while most Catholics are “Roman Catholics,” there are 23 Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.) During Lent and Eastertide, and most especially during the Triduum, my parents lament how much they miss these seasons in Egypt. Being a persecuted minority in the Middle East (at least since the 7th/8th centuries) creates a unity and a sense of urgency t

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