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Is it wrong for Catholics to believe in the "Law of Attraction," or Positive Thinking?

A former student asked:

Is it wrong for Catholics to believe in the law of attraction? Part of me sees that a lot of it has to do with self and being in control, but part of me believes that it’s really just positive thinking. The way I see it is that you’re just believing that nice things will come into your life- if you think positively, positive things will happen. Also, what if the things you wish to attract are for the good of others and not just yourself?

This is how I answered her:

It all seems harmless enough, right? What's wrong with thinking positively? Well, nothing. BUT there's an underlying philosophical difference behind the LOA (which is a New Age concept) that distinguishes it from our Catholic Faith. And that is this: for the New Ageist, you are the origin and source of your power and so what you think (mind over matter type thinking) dictates or can affect reality. Catholics reject this. Catholics think positively because reality is positive. Because God is good, because He wants good things for us, because He is our savior. Thinking positively is a superficial way of saying "believing in God's goodness." And when you live in the reality of THAT, then yes, your eyes are opened and you see what is so good and so true in your life, namely, where God is. Because He is everywhere, fighting for you, pursuing a relationship with you, blessing you, and loving you into existence in this very moment.

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