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What do I tell my aunt when it comes to children conceived by rape?

I teach at a culturally pro-life high school and often receive questions from students on how to discuss abortion with pro-choice family members. Today I received such a question about a student's aunt who is pro-choice when it comes to children conceived by rape specifically because the child reminds the woman of the rape.

Here's how I answered:

1. We have two evils in mind. On the one hand, the memory of the violent act of rape. On the other, the violent act of murder. Which is worse? The evil memory or the evil act?

2. An abortion doesn't bring justice to or avenge the rapist.

3. An abortion doesn't erase bad memories.

4. An abortion doesn't un-rape a woman. It only causes more trauma for the woman.

5. Rape is a violent act done to an innocent woman. Why would she turn around and be complicit in yet another violent act done to another innocent victim?

Resources for healing:

~Basic moral theological principle: Never do an evil act for a good reason. Never do evil for a good. Never do evil.

~Healing of memories comes through family, friends, community, support groups, therapy and Jesus Christ. Email me for Healing of the Heart and Inner Healing Ministry contacts.

~If you've had an abortion and need healing, contact Project Rachel.

Lastly, this is an article written by a child who was conceived in rape.

My prayers to those who have suffered these very evil circumstances. +

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