The Challenges of Articulating Human Dignity to Teens

April 29, 2019

Q: In light of the most recent legislations concerning the unborn, what resources would you recommend for use in forming teens? 

A: The formation of our youth is an urgent need, especially with regard to care for the unborn. Parents, teachers, and other formators need as much support as possible in this effort. As a teacher myself, I see a great need to help teens not only learn their faith, but also how to articulate it lovingly and to learn how to support and provide friendship and counsel to those who are affected by abortion. The lack of concern for the unborn and all marginalized persons is such a widespread problem and is often taken for granted in our culture, that we have to remember that in forming teens (and adults) we are forming them to articulate the truth in love and friendship. There is a great resource from the US Bishops (USCCB) called, “How to Talk to a Friend Who’s Had an Abortion.” 


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