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So You Think You're Lonely?

“Thank you. We love you.”

These words are printed on the bottom of the sales receipts from La La Land Kind Cafes. And that’s not at all. I was patronizing the coffee shop for the first time recently, and the Gen Z-er barista was working hard on the connection with our table—taking our pictures, asking us personal questions, giving us unsolicited affirmations, and then, as we were leaving, thanking us and telling us, “Love you guys so much.”

It’s weird. But being “in the business of kindness” isn’t or at least shouldn’t be. Here’s a bit from the “About us” section of La La Land’s website:

The name La La land represents a dream world. We set out to bring La La land to life. A place where you walk in and feel a true sense of joy for life. A place where you areloved for who you are. A place that brings together all human beings. A place where kindness is priority.

Click here to finish reading this article on the Catholic Answers web site.

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