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Books & Resources

Please enjoy the resources I've written below

Litany of Leisure-1.png
Litany of Leisure

A prayer authored by Simone Rizkallah to help orient one's heart toward leisure and rest in the Lord.

Litany of Healing for Families-1.png
Litany of Healing for Families

A prayer authored by Simone Rizkallah to help one invite the Lord's healing and freedom into their family.

Vision for You Journal cover.jpg
The Daily Routine: The Vision for You Journal

This journal is designed by Simone Rizkallah to accompany those who wish pursue their personal vocation with greater intentionality.

Biblical Examen on Leisure-1.png
Biblical Examen on Leisure

A guided reflection authored by Simone Rizkallah to help one identify where they've embraced toil and strife instead of leisure.

LItany of Fortitude for Teachers-1.png
Litany of Fortitude for Teachers

A prayer authored by Simone Rizkallah to help teachers press through hardship and keep their eyes fixed on the Lord.

Litany of Leisure-1.png
Road Signs for Catholic Teens

Simone Rizkallah is honored to be a guest contributor to this book, which offers teens insight and guidance as they learn to navigate their life and faith.

"Teach me, Oh Lord, to search for You. Show Yourself to me when I search for You. If You do not teach me first, I cannot seek You. If You do not reveal Yourself to me, I cannot find You. In longing, may I search for You, and in searching, long for You. In love, may I find You, and in finding You, love You."


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