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The Spiritual Life: A Personal Vocation

This week's must-read is Simone Rizkallah's The Spiritual Life: A Personal Vocation. She highlights the difference between a state-in-life vocation and a personal vocation—something Mother Teresa described as a "call within a call."

"If [Mother Teresa] had reduced her vocation to her state in life as a Sister of Loreto, she might have missed her vocation to start the Missionaries of Charity."

Simone elaborates:

"One of the most common vocational problems I encounter is with women who are stay-at-home mothers. There is nothing more expressive of the genius of women than motherhood. And yet, I often hear phrases like 'I know being "just a mom" is important.' The insecurity is justifiable because the question 'who am I?' before God remains, even if the external factors are positively secure. The emphasis on personal vocation helps these mothers consider that their own unique feminine genius flows not from the objective fact of their motherhood, but from their subjective expression of it."

We each have name that only God knows: "He had a name inscribed that no one knows except himself." (Revelation 19:12)

That name, that calling, is our personal vocation. What is yours? - Meaghen Gonzalez, Editor

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